System Blinds Open And Closed - What's The Difference?

Your windows overlooking the sunny side and already getting hot. The closer the summer days, the more sunlight enters the house through the window. 

Even now it is time to think about how to protect your home from the summer heat. 

After all, a reliable protection from the sun will not only bring cool, but also help to significantly reduce energy costs by providing a more efficient operation of the air conditioner.

Blinds (Closed type)
Blinds (Closed type)

So, what do you choose? To date range sunscreen blinds so broad that it is quite possible to get confused in their diversity. You can hear names such as blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds, roman blinds and Japanese. 

We recommend to pay attention to the blinds , or as they are called, roll curtains. They are compact, easy to use, reliable protection from sunlight and decorate your interior.

Roller blinds - 

a sun system, which consists of paintings, management mechanism and guides.Cloth represented by a large assortment of fabrics, different in color, texture and composition, you can choose according to your taste, the interior of your home, as well as some features of the room. 

But the difference in the mechanisms of control and guide defines two different systems of roller blinds - open and closed. Their differences are as follows.

Blinds open type 

is an open shaft on which is wound fabric curtains, and two thin rails - they held the canvas.

Blinds (open type)
Blinds (open type)

Blinds gated characterized in that the shaft is hidden in the cassette and the guides are two strips which are pressed firmly against the web to the window, which prevents the tissue from sagging in any position of the window.

Each system blinds has its advantages and disadvantages, so your choice should be based on the fact that it is more suitable for your home, but, of course, both systems perfectly protect your house from the scorching sun.