How to Clean The Vertical And Horizontal Blinds

To protect from sunlight and prying eyes set on many plastic windows blinds. For residents of the first floor and the owners of private houses use blinds is important to protect from prying eyes. 

In turn, the residents of the upper floors of high-rise buildings often suffer from the scorching sun, and blinds they just need to escape from the heat and stuffiness. 

Depending on individual requirements and features of the interior, you can choose from several types of blinds. Each type of blinds is particularly care for it.
How to Clean The Vertical And Horizontal Blinds
How to Clean The Vertical And Horizontal Blinds

Caring for blinds correctly

Care shutters depends on the material from which they are made. It may be plastic, metal, textile or natural materials. Therefore, care for vertical and horizontal blinds are different.

Metal and plastic - easy to clean

Easy to clean metal venetian blinds. Lamellae of blinds simply dust. If they are formed more serious pollution, it is absolutely not difficult to remove such contaminants by detergent and damp sponge. 

The only condition in the care of the metal shutters - is not making significant efforts, otherwise you can bend the slats.

Caring for horizontal blinds made of plastic does not differ from the care of metal. Plastic slats should also be cleaned with sufficient care. Impossible to bend them, but they may simply break down.

Textile blinds - the main thing is not to wash!

In the care of the textile vertical blinds, it is important to remember one rule - in any case, do not wash them in the washing machine. After a wash with textile blinds can be goodbye. 

Weekly vertical blinds can be vacuumed. And, if necessary, wash will need to do the following: remove all textile slats, roll them up into a roll and it is in this state, soak in detergent solution, then rinse, not turning roll. That's one way to care for vertical blinds.

For wooden blinds treated as such furniture

Blinds made of natural materials - wood or bamboo - can occasionally wipe dry or slightly damp cloth. Also, for such shutters fit a special spray for the maintenance of wooden furniture.