How To Choose Blinds For The Balcony : Blackout Design And Maintenance

Loggias and balconies has long been turned into a full extension of the living space in the house.
Therefore, their arrangement are treated with the same share of responsibility, as well as any room. 
Balcony in the house, like no other place in need of particularly effective so special attention should be paid exactly the windows.

How should draw window openings balcony or loggia to the one hand, pleasing to the eye, and the other - to hide from prying eyes and bad weather and bad weather? 

The answer suggests itself - you need to install blinds in the loggia or a balcony and get both unusual and practical design.

Blinds For The Balcony
blackout blinds

How to choose the right blinds

Installing blinds on the balcony is, one might say, not a luxury, but a necessity.

They are divided into two classes: decorative and sunglasses (black out), are absolutely opacity and are especially useful for windows that overlook the sunny side.

For registration of the balcony is the best option. How to choose them so that they were practical, and at the same time it is best approached from an aesthetic point of view.

Curtains for the balcony should not be layered and heavy. The material from which they are made ​​to be easy.

It is important that they are opened and closed easily, but at the same time should not interfere with opening windows. Therefore, the choice should pay attention to the design of their attachment - it is desirable for them to have been provided for mounting directly on the window. 

This method has another advantage that it makes it possible to save space balcony.

Since the blinds for balcony, in fact, like any other, primarily intended for the design of windows, so it is necessary for a comfortable and convenient approach. In other words, they must be hung so as to provide them with maximum free passage.

Almost any balcony has a door that is part of the whole interior , so the curtains on the windows and doors should be made ​​in the same style, in harmony with other items of decor.

Description of Blinds

What do they represent and how they meet the requirements for the balcony?

Blinds are adjustable in height, thereby skipping the premises necessary amount of light. They are wound on a special roller (tape roll). 

The canvas is made of fabric with different light transmission that allows to select the model, based on the characteristics of the balcony (which side goes glazing, Patio and so on.).

Blinds are decorative shading systems that filter the sun's rays at any time of the year - in warm and cold. They do not fade, not windblown, place on a window sill do not take very easy to install and use.

Blinds For The Balcony
blinds on the windows

At the same time they are actually really nice and modern. There is a possibility of a large choice of a wide variety of colors, shades of fabrics, patterns and pictures on it.

Mounted in the following ways:

  • all window overlap,
  • in the window opening,
  • the sash windows.
It is the third option is the most successful and almost universal solution.

Thus, the roll completely fit the requirement of the curtains on the balcony:

  • provide access control to sunlight;
  • create a cozy atmosphere, without reducing the space;
  • can fit into the interior of the adjoining room;
  • easy to care for.
  • cloth impregnated with a composition that protects them from pollution, burning and deformation when heated.

Blinds For The Balcony
Blinds For The Balcony 

In addition to the type of curtains Mini , Uni1 and 2 specially designed for installation on a window sash, recently becoming more common models - straw from more air and fine material. 

They provide comfort, without overloading the interior balcony. Blinds of straw can be mounted on a window opening or separately per leaf.

Their weaving may differ in color (from white to color wenge) and density. Straw gently diffuses the light of day, giving a unique ease of windows.

Window dressing

Making any window based on four main elements.

- Privacy: This is perhaps not only need people who live away from prying eyes, for example, in the woods. For the rest, ensuring privacy - priority. Mini-blinds just provide, we can say even complete privacy privacy.

- Light control: Consists essentially of two elements: the suppression of bright light flux is necessary when it interferes with (sleep during the day, TV, computer, etc.), and if you want to limit the negative impact of UV rays. 

Blinds provide an excellent opportunity to control the sunlight and lowering podymaniem simple (and blackout options can provide even complete darkness).

- Functionality: The principle of action - rising and falling increases their functionality, since it allows to set the desired clearance. Besides modern window decoration involves the use of light and brightness sensors remote controls that allow you to control the closing of the distance.

- Style: is the choice of fabrics, colors and styles that are not coming into conflict with the general thrust of the interior, add beauty balcony.

Care: some practical tips

Many people wonder how to erase data system, and whether they can be washed at all. The fact that they require only dry cleaning, such as brushing or vacuuming. 

Wet processing are not transferred: firstly, tissue may be deformed, and secondly, it may lose its protective and anti-dust properties.

However, some types of fabric can be treated with a damp sponge with a solution of PH-neutral composition, say, «Vanish», at the same time to rub the cloth can not be dried as it is only on a gross basis. 

Formed on the fabric is treated with a natural spot stain remover or use the services of dry cleaning.

Mechanism periodically lubricated with silicone spray. Iron is strictly prohibited.