Fabric Blinds Design

Fabric roller blinds - a product of modern technology, which unlike traditional curtains, blends harmoniously into any stylistic decision room. 

Original, comfortable and very practical design elements design windows give a unique flavor.

Fabric Blinds Design

Elegant Fabric Blinds

Blinds (roller blinds fabric) is considered one of the most practical design options window, because the blinds may hang in various ways: in the opening window, the sash on the walls and ceiling.

Characterised by its functionality, they are perfectly in tune with the curtains and drapes, creating a living room and a children's warm atmosphere, and in the bedroom - pleasant shade. Looks great combined with tulle on the balcony.

Roller blinds raised and fixed in position by means of a special mechanism. In the collapsed state of the tissue base is a neat roll located above the window.

Blinds made of fabric, held a special treatment to give it antisplash, antistatic and antibacterial qualities. Cloth backing roller blinds very durable and has a high service life.

Base fabric is of three kinds, differing in the degree of light transmission:

  • Normal - provides a soft diffused light, delaying the order of 25-35% of the light.
  • Medium density (dim out) - shaded fabric retains about 65-75%.
  • Opaque (black out) - this type of fabric completely blocks access to the flow of light in the room. Best dimming is achieved using a combination of tape and opaque fabric blackout.

Fabric blinds blackout made from the same fabric, which has a mass of useful properties - in particular, high light, heat and sound insulating properties. 

This fabric has a multilayer structure - connected by a three-layer fabric of flame retardant polyester fiber with double particularly dense satin weave. Even delaying the flow of very bright sunlight, it does not fade and is not deformed.

From the outside - white to reflect the sun's rays, while on the inside - can be colored and patterned, suitable for interiors.

Design and Function

Fabric blinds are fairly simple device. Whole cloth is wound onto a horizontal shaft (aluminum tube), or removed in a fairly compact cassette placed on top. 

No less simple and how they work - the whole process: 

lifting up the fabric, wrap around the shaft and lowering the tissue is carried out through a special mechanism - spring or chain-hand or electric. 

The last option allows you to remotely manage and install blinds is possible even in the most remote places.

Fabric Blinds Design
Fabric Blinds Design

Fasteners and control mechanism is securely closed side covers that blend design with duct.

Basically, all the models are classified as open or closed (cassette). How to hang blinds depends on the species. In the first case the web is wound on an aluminum shaft. 

Planck, which is secured end of the web, all the while holding the fabric taut, preventing its twisting. These species are cheaper and can be installed in various parts of the windows: a window over an aperture or window therein.

In the fabric roller blinds, cassette-type fabric is wound into a roll in a special box that protects the shaft from dirt and dust. 

In contrast to the open type of roller blinds can be mounted directly on the well glazed. In this case, it seems as if a window roller blind are integrated.

We can distinguish six types of mechanisms BLINDS:

  • With mini size -Excellent suitable for metal and skylights.
  • Location of this page - regulates the smooth movement of the web.
  • Spring - recommended for use in roof windows and sloping.
  • Cassette - assembled on the shaft fabric specially concealed in an aluminum box.
  • Frame type - used in the manufacture of the principle of mosquito nets.
  • Automatic - equipped with a program block.

Blinds in The Interior

Fabric Blinds Design
Fabric Blinds Design
All models look great in the interior. Their undoubted advantage is the ability to choose any design, pattern and fabric from which they are made. 

Depending on this choice blinds can serve as a solid or transparent tulle curtains. For dense fabric roller blinds most commonly used natural cotton and linen or lightweight synthetics.

Blinds fit and lovers of brevity in the interior. Per leaf, you can set a separate sheet, that is, the fabric will cover only clear glass, leaving open the window profile that is most convenient to a small balcony. 

This approach eliminates the need for double eaves - at night the window will close tightly, and in the afternoon tulle on the ledge.

Models may be used with tulle and vice versa. Namely, as will be performing tulle translucent blinds, and to protect it from prying eyes and the sun can be used dense classic curtains on the ledge.

Take care of the shutters are very nice and easy, because they rarely need this - special impregnation protects them from burning and pollution. 

If suddenly there will be a spot, you can send them to the dry cleaners, or "armed" cleaner furniture and cloth to get rid of it yourself. Just a few drops - and the curtain will be like new.

Fabric blinds have the following functional advantages:

  • They do not crumple;
  • Treated with special impregnation, they do not fade;
  • Have anti-static and dust properties;
  • Bring to the interior features of brevity and minimalism.
Their main advantages are considered to be decorative and functional. 

Roller Blinds not only prevent the penetration into the room unwanted light rays, but can emphasize the dignity of planning and hide flaws.