Blinds For The Bedroom - Beautiful, Stylish and Comfortable

Beautiful, but at the same time simple and practical to issue a window, you can use blinds. 

This canvas, rolled up with a special mechanism. Used roller blinds for the bedroom , kitchen, living room, bathroom. 

Unlike blinds shutters look more elegant and at the same time do not take up as much space as is required for the curtains.
Blinds for the bedroom
Blinds for the bedroom

Material blinds

Due to the huge number of colors and fabric options for roller blinds, as well as various degrees of translucency today is quite simple to pick up ideal window decoration for any room. 

The most popular materials for roller shutters are: cotton, polyester, nylon and other. Most fabrics are resistant to fading, some have special properties, such as blinds for the bathroom made ​​from moisture-resistant fabric.
Some of the materials that make up the blinds for the bedroom or any other room, have-dust cover, so special care this kind of curtains is not required. 

For the sunny side of the house is better to buy blinds with mirror protective coating that will not allow the room to warm up in the hot days. 

Modern curtains in the bedroom of this type will keep the room cool in the summer, but due to the air gap between the curtain and the window will prevent the penetration of cold in the winter.

Types of blinds

Transparency blinds are of four types: "day-night", "dimaut" transparent and "blackout".

Transparent shutters used in conjunction with drapes or curtains. Such blinds are only mainly aesthetic function. Curtains like "dimaut" passed some light, but retain the hot rays. Perfect for greenhouses and conservatories.
"Blackout" consist of multilayer light-tight fabric and completely block light. This version was created for home theater and children's rooms. These blinds for the bedroom are good too, because even during the day can be done in a room full of darkness. 

A combination of two types of tissue (transparent and opaque) established blinds "day-night." The light can be adjusted by moving the transparent strips of relatively opaque fabric.
Regarding colors blinds, we can say one thing: everything is limited only by the imagination of designers. Patterns, ornaments, floral motifs, fairy-tale characters, abstractions, landscapes - anything can be represented on the blinds. 

Modern blinds are suitable for all rooms and all types of windows. There are even special blinds for balcony blocks. Some combine the blinds for the bedroom with heavy drapes and elegant that looks very impressive.

Installation of roller blinds

If the curtains for the bedroom roll type must be installed on a plastic window, then the complexity of the installation will not have anybody. This is an extremely simple process that does not need anything for drilling or screws bolts. 

Roller blinds are mounted on the flap itself with conventional plastic fasteners. For installation of roller shutters on a wooden frame need special fasteners.
Blinds for bedrooms, which are located below the photo can be open or closed rotating shaft. In a closed system shaft hidden in a special box. Can be controlled by a chain or using the drive.
Blinds for the bedroom
Blinds for the bedroom

Blinds for the bedroom
Blinds for the bedroom

Overestimate the benefits of modern blinds difficult: ease of installation, the minimum occupied space, a variety of decor, excellent protection from direct sunlight. 

These curtains can be used in tandem with curtains or drapes classic, and can do without them. In any case, it's a good alternative to the stale and boring blinds.