Bamboo Curtains: Choice and Mounting

Now many people prefer natural materials, and the process of popularization, as well as all eco-friendly, constantly deepens, "forcing" interiors with plenty of plastic to go on the back burner. 

One of the most popular natural materials, which are now used in interior decoration - bamboo.

Bamboo Curtains
Bamboo Curtains
The product is usually fixed to a wooden cornice, and the bottom handle trim strip.

Among the natural materials occupies a special place bamboo. He is among the most environmentally friendly, thanks to its antistatic and antibacterial properties.

Blinds made of bamboo - a craze for all eco-friendly and natural, new, but has become a very popular trend in the design of the interior.

Bamboo curtain is a fabric woven from thin solid bamboo stalks with natural fibers. The canvas is almost uniform as strips adjacent to each other very closely.

They are made by weaving by hand using a special device. Tint, the structure and the width of the bamboo stalks and straw and fine connecting strands may vary considerably from each other.

Selection criteria

One of the most important criteria when choosing curtains made ​​of bamboo weaving is considered frequency. The main purpose of any curtains is to prevent the flow of sunlight. 

Typically, species with a web having frequent and dense weave, very poorly reflect light into the room. However, the material in question is a little true - between the woven strips of bamboo, no matter how tight it was not, sunlight, however, seeps, nice and gently illuminating the room. 

While maintaining the normal air circulation. Therefore, these systems can be kept at all times downcast. Thus, they not only protect the room from prying eyes and the sun, but also prevent the ingress of dust when the room is ventilated.

Bamboo Curtains
Bamboo Curtains in the interior
Natural color palette, natural, uniquely refined ornaments, unique to bamboo curtains, give finesse eastern interior , emphasize the atmosphere of elegance vintage or unusual complement the interior in a modern style. They go perfectly with wooden elements of the situation and floor coverings.

In production are mainly basic colors: coffee, black cherry and mahogany, which according to customer requirements can be set off, of course, while maintaining the natural shade. 

Color solution has another feature - the ability to weave bamboo fiber various other materials gives them a special charm and beauty.

Gives a certain originality and the presence of seals and minor irregularities, different width strips used in the hand-knotting.
Different form of strips of bamboo, original drawing their weaving, natural shades, a stable form, thanks to the continuing tight weave, give unlimited space for designer fantasies.
Control mechanism

Bamboo curtains are collected in a roll along the bottom edge up or proportional beautiful folds as Roman. Lifting is carried out using cord (chain) control located on the side of her or spring way sunlight penetration regulate the raising and lowering of the web

Bamboo Curtains

The principle of operation of the spring mechanism resembles the action of the curtain on the windows of the car. Such a control method is particularly invaluable whenever the window has a small height and a cord or string to operate not very relevant.

To install, you must have free space above a window of about 17-30 cm for mounting box (its size is usually dependent on the thickness of the curtains). If sufficient space is not, the hardware can be carried out on the wall or the ceiling.
When you purchase should be noted that in the standard package of bamboo curtain fasteners are not available, so it is necessary to specify in advance.

When buying, it is necessary to discuss in advance. Directly on the window frame of this type is not set.

Characteristics of Bamboo Curtains 

Due to the special impregnation have an antistatic effect, that is characterized by the ability to push away from the surface dust, so dust on them hardly settles. 

This is particularly important for people with allergies. Bamboo curtains are perfect for a child's room, which, as elsewhere, should be kept clean.Manifestation of these qualities also helps smooth bamboo.

Moisture resistance is not in doubt. Firstly, bamboo itself is highly resistant to moisture. Secondly, processing special impregnations, reinforces this quality. Due to its high resistance to moisture they can be safely installed on balconies, in the bathroom, etc.

These models also differ in their resistance to ultraviolet radiation. We must not forget that this giant grass tempered in the tropical heat. 

In addition, UV protection and increases their lifespan special coating. On the surface it is impossible to find any trace of burnout. Can be used on the south side of the apartment or house.

How to care

Another undoubted advantage of not requiring special care. Maintenance is easy, because the dust on them practically falls. Regularly clean their usual damp cloth. It will be enough to confine a small wet cleaning, and only five minutes painting will look again like new.